Ted Kennedy is Dead

As I checked the news this morning I discovered that Senator Ted Kennedy has died at age 77 after battling a brain tumor. Kennedy, the youngest of four brothers, he alone lived and died a death of natural causes. Like two other brothers he ran for the presidency, but did not make it to the end. But what he did was become one of the most effective senators in history, crafting deals that got things done.
Health care reform was a key priority, and one can only believe that his absence from the senate has had an unfortunate effect on the debate. Perhaps now, as we honor his life, and mourn his passing that legacy and vision will stand out, and a civil conversation can begin.
Of course, for the Kennedy family this is a double loss, for it was only a few weeks ago that Eunice Kennedy Shriver died. A great family, devoted as they were/are to public service have lost two important standard bearers. The nation has lost them as well.
We keep the family and the nation in our prayers.


ed said…
The Lion…Err Dog of the Senate.
“Teddy Kennedy was the weak kitten in the litter, never able to measure up to his brothers.
The accident at Chappaquiddick displayed his chronic immaturity. One problem Teddy has always had was keeping it in his pants – even when other people are around.”
- Cleo O’Donnell – wife of former Kennedy campaign aide.
Check out my take, and stick around for more good content.
Anonymous said…
He wasn’t assassinated, but how many, like ed, have tried to assassinate his character forever after? Judge Boyle rationalized the light sentence by stating that Kennedy had a clean record and will continue to be punished even beyond any sentence a court could impose. How true. He deserved forgiveness years ago.

He proved himself to be a very brave, wise and compasionate man.
Otherwise you wouldn't have to go so far back in time for ammunition.

I wouldn't touch your site with a library computer. You seem infected with something ed(hate?).
Go shout down McCain with your buddies. David Mc
Anonymous said…
OK, I had only read the headline about McCain, anyway..McCain canceled a Friday trip to Flagstaff so he can attend services for longtime colleague Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, who died Tuesday night. David Mc
Gary said…
Ted Kennedy was a generous man; as long as he could use other people's money to do it.
John said…
Ted Kennedy was a decent man, who cared about people. He was flawed of course, and sometimes wreckless as well, and unfortuantely for him he lived on a very big stage, so that his flaw were exposed for all the world to see. But he did not complain about the stage, he just continued to fill it with his works, works worthy of a man who lived on such a large stage.

If that were not enough, he was beloved by friends and foes alike. What greater testimony could a man have.

What more can you ask of a Christian heart? It is appropriate at this moment to accord him a gracious good bye.

Gary said…
Ted Kennedy didn't have a Christian heart. He wasn't a Christian. He was a liberal drunkard, fornicator, abortion supporter, and sodomite enabler. There was nothing Christian about him, and he is now in Hell.
John said…

Well, Gary, then you have some very good company. If you are lucky you may spend eternity with him.
Anonymous said…
He's not in hell, they probably cleaned up the cancer from his brain and put it in liquid nitrogen to reanimate him in a couple years. He's not gonna like your posts Gary.

David Mc
Randy Bryson said…
Hey Ted,I heard you was dead.
Now who's gonna help,the homos get wed.
And who'll make sure,all the kids get fed.
You championed the right,to pull off babies heads.
And to take our money,to give Mexicans free med.
Hey Ted,now that you're dead.
Who will drink,all the booze in your sted.
And take our guns,so we can't throw led.
And change old glory,to a socialist red.
But let's not forget Chapaquitic,where you crashed and fled.
Oh yeah Ted,now that you're dead.
You believe in hell,where there's pain and dread.
You should have obeyed,what the gospel siad.
But you partied,and cursed,and rebeled instead.
Maybe your liberal family and friends will repent,before their all dead.
John said…

You are a pastor?

Even if your religious views deny forgiveness as a preferred virtue, they should at least compel you to be silent when you cannot speak charitably about the dead. It is not as if your words were directed at changing Ted's mind; they were nothing more than gratuitous kicks directed at a corpse. How shameful.


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