Do No Harm

Here is a song from Carrie Newcomer that might be an appropriate response to the weekend's events.  Like many, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to respond to the killing of Osama bin Laden.  He was the epitome of evil, and yet if we're willing to look inside there is that potential inside us all.  One need not embrace the idea of original sin or total depravity to recognize that there is a potential for evil in all.  So I invite you to meditate on this song by Carrie Newcomer, which a commenter on my earlier review of Carrie's album Before & After contains:


John said…
Beautiful song. When I grow up I want to be a Quaker. Nut I think I probably talk too much.
John said…
Not "Nut", instead "But".

It was really hard to figure out how to correctly say the correction!

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