Wake Up America! If you want war . . .

America, it's time to wake up.  There is a presidential race going on in the Republican Party, and except for Ron Paul, who is an isolationist, there is a lot of hot and bother about dealing with Iran.  So, if you want to go to war again, then by all means vote Republican.  Both Romney and Santorum have been, to use the President's words "beating the drums of war."

The Republicans seem itchy to go back to war, now that Iraq is over and Afghanistan is winding down.  McCain wants to bomb Syria and Romney wants to surround Iran with aircraft carriers.  We know that the Israeli PM wants to attack Iran.  He continues to say that it's Israel's sovereign right to do so, and he's right.  Israel can do whatever it wishes, but what we need to understand is that if Israel starts this, it won't finish it.  If Israel starts a war, then it's quite likely that we'll have to finish it.

Here's what we need to remember.  Israel is an important ally and it's history gives it reason to be fearful, but Israel doesn't set America's foreign policy.  The President of the United States doesn't have to submit his plans to Bibi Netanyahu for approval.

The President has taken a cautious and prudent approach.  He's not ruled out military action,  but he's got the intelligence information that suggests that the danger posed by Iran is not imminent, and that diplomacy, if given a chance, can work.

What everyone seems to be missing is the reality that while the current Iranian President is full of bluster about nuclear weapons, Mr. Ahmadinejad is little more than a figurehead.  His supporters lost in parliamentary elections to the supporters of the true ruler of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and Khamenei, who oversees the military and nuclear operations has consistently stated that Iran is not interested in nuclear weapons.  Now, he could be lying, but why not listen for a moment.  Why not calm down a bit, and see what's really happening.

Attacking Iran's nuclear sites will not be enough to stop their actions.  It might slow them down, but Iran is not Libya.  Iran is a large state, with a powerful military, and it won't lie down in front of Israel or the US.  We might prevail, but as the President pointed out yesterday, at what cost?

So, do you want to go to war?  Do you want to see more young men and women come home in body bags?  Well, then vote GOP in the Fall, because either they're all talk for political advantage, or they will get us into a war.


David said…
They're just trying to urge God's kingdom on Earth in their life-time.

They're praying for kingdom-come.

They think they'll be rewarded.

Oh, we all will be, I'm sure.

Just desserts, to go with the desert we used to call home..

Self-fulfilling prophesy stuff. Psychology 101.
Jeff said…
Mark Twain's war prayer ought to be required reading for the 'evangelical' wing of the republican party.
David said…
I love that Jeff. A Hindu (maybe Muslim actually) guy at work gave me a copy just before the Iraq invasion. Oh, crap. I hope this is just a coincidence. It didn't help much then. I had spent some times on the street with a group, while holding homemade signs. That didn't help either. http://www.epinions.com/review/War_Prayer_by_Mark_Twain/content_94534471300?sb=1

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