Study Guide for David Gushee's Changing our Mind!

I want to share news that my Study Guide for Changing Our Mind: A pastor helps classes and small groups study David P. Gushee's book about the Christian acceptance of LGBT men and women is available in e-book format from the publisher (Read the Spirit Books). David's book Changing our Mind and his presence at Central Woodward Christian Church proved immensely helpful to our move toward Open and Affirming Status.  

I created a study guide for use by our congregation and I'm pleased that David and his publisher wanted to make it available for other communities who are moving through the process of discernment. David's book is important because he comes at the question from the perspective of an Evangelical who concluded that it was the right thing to do on the part of the church to move toward full inclusion of LGBTQ sisters and brothers. Like many of us, relationships, especially family relationships proved eye-opening and might I say Spirit-moving.  The links above are to the Amazon Kindle version. There are several other options if you don't use Kindle. They are:



Google Play/Google Books:…/Rev_Dr_Robert_Cornwall_Changing_O…


Gary Bryson said…
God (the God of the Bible) has not changed his mind. He still condemns both homosexuals and those who support them, just like he always has.

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