On the Second Day of Christmas . . .

Christmas has come come and gone, or so they say.  Now it's time to either sit back and  relax or head back to the stores and exchange all the unwanted and inappropriate gifts.  I did pretty well this year -- I got a new Detroit Tigers hoodie and Tigers World Series t-shirt.  The latter I wear as cover for the fact that I rooted for my Giants in the World Series (it's good to be a fan of the top 2 teams in baseball, at least for 2012).  

But here we are, on the 2nd day of Christmas, when supposedly my true love gives me two turtle doves; does the good news of Christmas continue to speak?  Are we ready to take to heart the message of peace and good will?  Yes, have we taken to heart the good news that God is in our midst, or are we back to the way things have always been.  So we don't lose focus, maybe we can focus our attention this day on sharing a word of praise to God.

The Psalm for the First Sunday of Christmas is the 148th.  It is a straightforward song of praise.  Perhaps it is a good word to share this day as we move past Christmas Day and into the continuing unfolding of the reign of God that took root in and through the coming of Jesus.  Let us, therefore, give praise to God.

148 Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord from heaven!
    Praise God on the heights!
Praise God, all of you who are his messengers!
    Praise God, all of you who comprise his heavenly forces!
Sun and moon, praise God!
    All of you bright stars, praise God!
You highest heaven, praise God!
    Do the same, you waters that are above the sky!
Let all of these praise the Lord’s name
    because God gave the command and they were created!
God set them in place always and forever.
    God made a law that will not be broken.
Praise the Lord from the earth,
    you sea monsters and all you ocean depths!
Do the same, fire and hail, snow and smoke,
    stormy wind that does what God says!
Do the same, you mountains, every single hill,
    fruit trees, and every single cedar!
10 Do the same, you animals—wild or tame—
    you creatures that creep along and you birds that fly!
11 Do the same, you kings of the earth and every single person,
    you princes and every single ruler on earth!
12 Do the same, you young men—young women too!—
    you who are old together with you who are young!
13 Let all of these praise the Lord’s name
    because only God’s name is high over all.
    Only God’s majesty is over earth and heaven.
14 God raised the strength[a] of his people,
    the praise of all his faithful ones—
        that’s the Israelites,
        the people who are close to him.
Praise the Lord!


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