Chatting about the Reformation, Church History, and Being Called to Bless


What can we learn from history about what it means to be a person of faith? What are our origin stories, our spiritual roots? I had the privilege to participate in a conversation with my good friend and colleague, the Rev. Jasmine Smart that was filmed right before Reformation Sunday and at the time that my latest book, Called to Bless: Finding Hope by Reclaiming Our Spiritual Roots, (Cascade Books, 2021), appeared. It was also right as I was beginning my seven-month tenure as pulpit supply at First Presbyterian Church of Troy. Jasmine and I covered a number of topics, with a focus on the Reformation. Jasmine interviewed me as part of her ministry with the Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church. While it was filmed a few months back as part of her Kirk Chats podcast, the topic of church history is always pertinent. That's especially true right now as we ponder what the future holds for us as we navigate this moment of the COVID pandemic. The message of the book, which is historical, personal, theological, takes its cue from the call of Abraham and Sarah to be a blessing to the nations.

The following conversation is just over 30 minutes in length. I believe you will enjoy it! So, thanks Jasmine for inviting me to share in the conversation.


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