Interfaith Prayers for the City of Troy, MI

I was asked by Troy, Michigan Mayor Ethan Baker to put together an interfaith team to offer the invocation at his 2022 Troy State of the City Address. (#TroySOTC22). I reached out to several friends with whom I've engaged in interfaith work over the years, and all agreed to participate. We gathered together for coffee, conversation, and planning (along with my son Brett). Ed Chezick came with a great plan, which we embraced. Each of us offered a prayer for a specific area of concern. We prayed from our own faith perspectives -- Islamic, Christian, Jewish, and Hindu. Then Ed wrote a closing prayer of unity, which the four of us shared in unison. It was a blessed moment for the four of us, and from what we heard from many after the event Wednesday evening that those gathered were also blessed by this show of diversity within our community. While we brought a sense of diversity and unity to the event, our prayers are rooted both in our faith traditions and in our deep friendships. So, I share the prayers and invite you to meditate on them.  

 Prayer of thanksgiving for all that has been accomplished in the city of Troy over the last Year– Amin Hashmi  (Islamic Association of Greater Detroit)

Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Master of the Day of Judgment. Thee (alone) we worship; Thee (alone) we ask for help.  Show us the straight path

In the Holy Qur’an, God Almighty says:

 “Remember! Your Lord has declared, ‘If you are grateful, I will increase my favors upon you.” (14:7).

Oh Allah,

We are thankful we live in a city that cares about its neighbors, businesses, and promotes a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  A City that is fulfilling a shared vision to create a vibrant, welcoming, and sustainable community.

The Prophet Muhammad said that “Those who do not thank people, they do not thank God.”

Oh Allah,

We thank You for Your blessings by thanking those people who deliver those blessings to us

- Ameen

Prayer for the City of Troy -- Bob Cornwall (Chaplain, Troy Police Department)

Holy One I pray as a Christian in the name of Jesus for the people of Troy among whom I count myself. I pray on behalf of this wonderfully diverse community, giving thanks that we have the opportunity to live and work and study in this community. May we heed the word of the prophet Jeremiah who advised his community to “seek the welfare of the city” where they lived, praying “to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” May this word be ever on our hearts, guiding us to pursue what is good and right for all who dwell in this community. Amen

Prayer for the governmental leaders of the City Of Troy Mi – Ed Chezick (Congregation Shir Tikva)

Holy One of Israel, Blessed are You and blessed be Your Holy Name.  We ask you for bless the elected officials of the City of Troy Michigan.   Set their feet on the path of commitment in service to our city, while you keep them safe.  Make their arms strong to carry the burdens of their office, may they see You in the faces of all they serve.  So let the light of Your face shine on them.  As they elevate the city of Troy and its citizens. Holy One of Israel show your favor on their actions.   May their hearts be filled with Chessed  (loving kindness)  as they go forward in peace. 

לְךָ שָÑלוֹם


Praying that leadership of the city of Troy may have a vision for the Future of the city of Troy – Narayanaswamy Sankagiri   (Bharatiya Hindu Temple)

kaale varshathu parjanyah, prithivee sasya salinee

desoyam kshobha rahitho, brahmanaa santhu nirbhayah

savsti prajaabhyah, paripaalayantaam nyayena margena maheem maheesaa

sarva janebhyah subhamastu nityam, lokaah samastaah sukhino bhavantu

May the rains come on time. May the earth be bountiful

May the city be free of turmoil. May the learned speak without fear

May the residents be well. May the leaders govern with compassion and justice

May all people be blessed with good fortune. May all the worlds in this creation be happy!

This is our aspirational prayer for our city, our community, and our governing leaders.

Prayer for the Unity of the People of Troy Read by All 

Spirit of life that travels the unseen path; guide the hearts of the citizens of Troy.   That united in resolve, their labors may bring about a foundation of loving-kindness where a future peace may be built on.  

That the delicate fragrance of mutual respect is carried by the winds of hope from our humble city throughout the state of Michigan.  That unity of purpose and a commitment to only the most noble of aspirations may elevate this country to being a nation that lifts up all those who have fallen down. 

 A nation that heals the bitter scars of strife. 

A nation that elevates the human condition to a place where peace and brotherly love prevail.    Amen. 


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