Mukasey says no to torture

Although GW's pal Al Gonzalez thought it okay for the President to authorize torture and the President dances around the issue -- while the Veep is all for doing whatever in undisclosed locations -- it's good to know that there will be at least a bit of sanity in the Bush administration. Michael Mukasey seems very adamant that we're not above international law nor is the memo suggesting that the President was free to disregard rules on torture appropriate. He calls it a mistake -- and it is a mistake in the most serious of senses.

The new AG will likely be conservative, but he seems like he's the kind of guy who will do what's right. Too bad GW took so long to turn to the grownups!

Watch the testimony in the hearings.


Why would you take Mukasey at his word, Bob? Mukasey was involved in some of the previous memos authorizing torture. He'll say anything to get confirmed. The acting AG is doing fine. The Dems should refuse to confirm anyone as AG for the rest of the Bush term. You cannot trust any of these guys. They all lie every time their lips move.

I didn't know of any previous involvement in torture memos -- apparently Pat Leahy doesn't either. My impression of the acting AG is that he is a hardline Bush backer.

You are right that there is little to trust, but as I understand it Mukasey is an outsider to Bushdom, which seems like a good thing. We'll have to see what happens.
Yesterday--ONE DAY after Mukasey said he was against torture--he refused to define torture and refused to say whether waterboarding counted as torture. The Senate should only confirm him if he defines torture and lists items that would count and insists that any Americans doing such acts, and those who ordered them, would be prosecuted under the full extent of the law.

It seems to me that the Bushies got to him. Mukasey risks being yanked as nominee if he shows too much independence from Bush and risks not being confirmed if he tows the party line.

This is unfortunate. I had hoped -- a lot of Democrats hoped -- that this would be an independent voice. I think there will likely be more questions forthcoming!

Bush says we don't torture but won't define what torture is -- which allows him to approve what others consider to be torture!
Today, Mukasey said there were some laws that the president could "bend or alter at will!"

I do not think he should be confirmed. We can do without an AG until Jan. '09.

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