Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oregon Ducks Win!!!

I may live in Southern California -- have for much of the last 25 years of my life -- but ultimately I'm an Oregon Ducks fan. And today the #5 Ducks beat USC. It was a tough game, but all I can say is. We won!



WWB said...

I'm an Oregonian more or less permanently encamped in DC. So I can follow being a Duck fan outside of the Willamette Valley.

Man, what a great win. I was hoping for the Rose Bowl, but heck -- this is the best team since Joey was leading us (my senior year). I've got dreams of the Sugar Bowl dancing in my head...

WWB said...

Also, Dennis Dixon + Bellotti (even 'stache-less) x this offensive squad (even with the injuries) = the cleverest team I've seen play college ball. When they outsmart even the TV cameras on a regular basis, you know we've got something special going on.htt