Then Sam was gone

Apparently it's official, that doyen of the Right, that voice of Conservative Christianity, Sam Brownback, is calling it quits. I'm kind of surprised that Sam never caught on with the Religious Right. Remember back when he and Barack appeared at Rick Warren's church to talk about AIDs or something like that? He seemed on his way to becoming a voice for the Values voter. And yet, he flamed out royally. Boy was I wrong about his chances -- then again I never thought Hillary would run.

When you see the Religious Right leadership scrambling to find a candidate who will carry their standard, you'd think either Sam or Mike would be a great choice. But faced with Rudy, Mitt, and Fred, they could never rally behind the ones who were most in line with their values.

Now I'm no Brownback fan -- haven't been since I first ran into him living in Kansas -- but I'm interested in what this portends for the future of the presidential race. his support might be small, but he had a group of loyal followers. So, we wait to see if his followers will now move over to Huckabee or even McCain, giving one of them a boost. Only time will tell.
The other question is, does this portend more dropouts in the weeks to come? That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.


I really expected Tancredo or Duncan Hunter to drop out before Brownback. Look for Brownback to run for Kansas governor in '10, now.

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