Not a Good Day for Bob -- Yesterday!

First came news of a Barry Bonds indictment for perjury and obstruction of justice -- something he now shares in common with Scooter Libby (though the issues were more important there) and Martha Stewart. Martha has come out okay! Of course now that the Giants have cut ties with Barry, I have less need to defend him. But, he's part of the family -- even if he's a kind of that sour puss cousin you're not always sure you want to defend.

Then last night -- rather than watch the debate -- which I'll comment on in a separate post -- Dennis Dixon, the star quarterback for the Oregon Ducks went down with a knee injury that might knock him out for the season and could jeopardize the rest of the Ducks season. They got upset by Arizona in a game they looked to be on their way to another big night -- that is until he went down and the game was put in the hands of gimpy legged and much slower Brady Leaf.

Just a warning to Kansas -- being #2 is a dangerous place to be. This is what I feared might happen and sure enough it did. I'm just hoping Dennis is only sidelined for a short period, but this doesn't look good.

Well it was fun while it lasted!!!


It appears that Dennis Dixon will have knee surgery and is done for the year and for his Duck career. He had one of the greatest years of a Duck QB, but it was unfortunately cut short.

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