Troy-area Interfaith Group Honored with MEA Humanitarian Award

Last Friday evening I had the opportunity to represent the Troy-area Interfaith Group at the Michigan Education Association Humanitarian Awards Banquet.  TIG, which I serve as Convener, was honored with the David McMahon Humanitarian Award, presented to groups/persons outside the MEA, for their contributions to civil rights.

The brief video below incorporates an interview I did for the event.

The David McMahon Human Rights Award recognizes "individuals or groups outside of MEA that distinguish themselves through moral and ethical leadership in the field of human and civil rights." 
It's a fitting honor for the Troy Interfaith Group who "invites all faith communities to gather, grow and give for the sake of promoting love, peace and justice among all religions locally and globally."
Today, the Group is led by Reverend Robert Cornwall of Central Woodward Christian Church in Troy. He has taken the organization beyond the faith community to give everyone in Troy a chance to engage in civil, open dialogue on a variety of topics.  
Under Reverend Cornwall guidance, the Group has set goals to reach the community's young people and expand its membership to include other members of Troy's faith community. These goals reinforce the Group's desire to build bridges between all members of the community and develop relationships through ongoing discussions and conversations thus learning about one another and making their community a better place to live.    (from Youtube).  

I want to commend all who have participated in TIG over the years as this interfaith group stood tall in bearing witness to the full diversity of our community.  TIG began as a response to the exclusion of a Hindu from participation in a National Day of Prayer event recognized by and promoted by the City of Troy.

We continue to offer this same response -- tomorrow evening is our NDP observance.  If you live in the area, I hope you'll join us!


David said…
Keep going, indeed. I didn't realize how TIG started. I hope I can make it to more events in the future. It's great they got this recognition and exposure. Congratulations.

p.s. you look a bit tired, I hope you can get some high quality rest soon.

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