A Prayer for Good Friday

O God of grace and mercy,

We have heard the last words spoken by Jesus, your Son and our Savior. 

We have remembered the way your love was expressed to the world on the cross. 

We have heard words of compassion.

We have heard the cry of dereliction.

We have heard that “It is Finished.” 

As we have heard these words, we recognize our complicity in the death of one who knew no sin; who walked in complete faithfulness with you.  We rejected his offer of grace.  We chose the way of violence.  We placed him on the cross.    

But your Son, our Savior, has shown us a different path.  May we have the strength, as we go from this place, walking as we do through the valley of the shadow of death, to take hold of the promise that in Christ you have reconciled us to yourself and to each other. 

May your grace and your peace reign over us this day we call Good. 

In the name of the Crucified One, Jesus the Christ, We pray.


Note:  I wrote this prayer to share at the Troy Clergy's Community Good Friday Service.  This served as the Closing Prayer of the service


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