Peculiar Goings On (Dave Walker) -- Review

PECULIAR GOINGS ON: Even More Dave Walker Guide to the Church Cartoons.  By Dave Walker.  Norwich, UK:  Canterbury Press, 2014.  90 pages.

It is a commonplace myth that religious folks are dour and humorless.  While clearly there are those who are self-righteous prigs, who could use an infusion of humor, many of us do have a sense of humor.  Some of us can even laugh at ourselves.  Yes, even clergy can laugh at themselves.    

This little book of ecclesial cartoons drawn/written by Dave Walker continues Walker's Guide to the Church series.  Walker's cartoons appear in the Church Times ( on a weekly basis.  

The cartoons are reflective of Walker's experiences in the Church of England.  Thus, one might need to brush up on one's British-isms or you might miss some of the humor.  Still, even if you're not familiar with Anglican-speak many of the cartoons will speak directly to our experiences.  So, the book is composed of of black and white line drawings and written content.  We get to laugh at the way hymns are selected, how cell phones can be used (okay to record the preacher's brilliant sermon), not so great if everyone has to tell callers that they're in church (so leave it home).  There are cartoons about Sunday School and writing sermons.  You might not find everything humorous (depends on your taste in humor), but you're sure to find something that hits the funny bone.  If nothing else it serves as a a reminder that we can't take everything in "churchland" (my son's word) too seriously.  

A couple of things to note -- for the American reader -- nappies are diapers and biscuits are cookies.
Unfortunately, it's difficult to describe a cartoons, so this one example that speaks to a common experience in the church office will have to suffice.  This cartoon is found on page 27 of the book, and also on Walker's website (

If you're "religious" and have a sense of humor, you'll enjoy this little book,   especially if you're clergy!


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