And the Glory of the Lord

Today, in church, though the snow has arrived, we will be celebrating the season with music. In morning worship the choir brings to the congregation a cantata -- the first in my time. I'm one of the narrators for the message of Advent and Christmas in song.

Then, later in the day I'm taking part in a Messiah Sing-along that the church is hosting. It will be the first time I'll be singing the Messiah since high school -- so in the spirit of this piece of music, I share with you this excerpt from the Messiah via YouTube! What better song for the Sunday of Joy than "And the Glory of the Lord"?!


Brian said…
I sang the Messiah a few years ago for the first time in many years. The tenor parts are VERY high. For that matter, the baritone parts look like tenor parts.

That's really cool to be the host location for the community singing of the Messiah. That's a real blessing for the community.

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