The Digital Story of the Nativity

We are living in the digital age -- we make use of all manner of social networking sites to communicate and use the Internet to find directions and buy gifts.  So, what if the nativity story were to be told in this digital context?  Well, you needn't wonder any more -- there's a YouTube video that will reintroduce you to the story!!

As an aside, if you're living in metro-Detroit and want to work on your social-networking skills, put February 24th down on your calendar -- Doug Pagitt is coming to CWCC to offer a social phonics boot camp!  Details to follow!


David said…
Here's a really old song, found digitally-

Think our choir could handle this pace?

I doubt the choir can go at Celtic Women pace -- but it's a good vid -- I'll put it up!
Brian said…
It is really cool that your church is reaching out to the community to empower people with internet teaching. It can open doors to people who live in areas with bad schools. They can explore freely in the public library.

BUT - If I'm understanding my news this morning, today our representatives will be voting on a bill to ensure the FCC has teeth to prevent the media corporations from denying access to some information unless the viewer chooses/can pay for "premium tiers" just like cable TV.

I'm gonna make a call, or at least email, to my reps today. I want to keep the internet free and democratic.
Brian said…

Here's a link to a good editorial about this. The writer shares my bias.
David said…
Off-topic, but I find this amusing-

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