Review of Ephesians Participatory Study Guide

Ephesians: A Participatory Study GuideMy study book on Ephesians is due to come out in early January, but the reviews are already coming in.  John Byron, Associate Professor of New Testament at Ashland Theological Seminary has given it his thumbs up!

He writes of it:

I commend Robert Cornwall and Energion Publications for producing a thoughtful study guide that does not spoon feed information to readers and supply with trite solutions to make it through life. Rather, this volume will challenge the reader to think as well as learn. It would serve either an individual or group study, but I think a group setting would make the interaction all the more valuable. I look forward to seeing other similar study guides in the future.

I am deeply appreciative to John for this review and to fellow Energion author Allan Bevere for sharing the book with John.  I hope you will find using this guide to be a rewarding experience.


Brian said…
Wow Bob, you're a man on the move! You've had a very productive 2010.

If I knew of a way to comment on an internet forum that would be read by your parishoners, I'd be sure to suggest that they INSIST you take a generous sabatical soon.

Alas, no such forum exists.

Ephesians is a fun choice. It has some really weird word play.
Thanks Brian -- I'll get my sabbatical soon enough -- 2013 I think.

But, I do appreciate the words of affirmation -- and if you know of churches looking for a study book, I'd love to have them choose this one!

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