Tuesday, May 22, 2007

GW to Congress -- Mind Your Own Business -- as I understand your business!

The Alberto Gonzalez affair is becoming almost soap operatic in its development. For the past few months we've been hearing how Gonzalez has politicized the Attorney General's office like no AG before him. First it was the questionable firings of US Attorneys and then testimony that Gonzalez, as WH counsel, had pressured then AG John Ashcroft to sign off on a legally questionable wire-tapping program (while the AG was in ICU).

Now GW had the luxury of having a hands off Congress for the first six years of office. Now that Congress is providing oversight and raising questions, he doesn't like it. So, in continuing his support of an AG that clearly is incompetent if not a political hack, he has suggested that Congress should go back to passing legislation and stop telling him what to do. I think that GW has forgotten that one of Congress' jobs is to provide oversight. So, they're minding their business, as the Constitution suggests!

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