Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oh My, it's time for the Creation Museum to Open

Yes, boys and girls, the day has come when we get to see and hear the truth about the creation of the earth. We get to see how Adam and Eve lived with dinosaurs, how T Rex used his big teeth to open those nasty coconuts he liked to eat -- you know before he became a carnivore!

Pharyngula, a science blog has gathered a wide variety of news reports and blog postings from around the globe that deal with this "event." Of course as pastor, all of this is kind of embarrassing, so embarrassing that you have to laugh, at least a little.
Of course, one way to respond to all of this is point to the alternative -- which is the Evolution Sunday group, which can be accessed here.
The reality is this, Ken Ham and his friends not only do bad science, but they're extremely poor biblical exegetes, forcing texts to say things they simply don't say. So, not only scientists say no, theologians and pastors do as well!


Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I wish people would quit blogging about this idiocy. You see, it's located in Kentucky and is, thus, highly embarrassing for all of us who live here. Sigh.

It seems as if almost every other religion-related blog has a story on this--arrgh!

Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

Well we California have the Institute of Creation Research in the San Diego area, so Kentucky isn't alone. Even out here on the liberal west coast we have our examples.

But how can we not blog on this? It's too juicy to leave alone, even if it is highly embarrassing.

Duas Quartuncias said...

Hey Bob... I hope you don't mind, but I have used your face as an illustration to my most recent blog entry. I've been engaged in some discussions about how atheists (like myself) should regard religion that tries for a reconcilation with conventional mainstream science. It is at Pastor Bob blogs on the Creation Museum.

J said...

Bob -

Throughout the New Testament, Jesus is identified as the second Adam. Since you believe in the Darwinian account of origins, how do you reconcile this with the existence of a historic Adam which is clearly apostolic teaching?


Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


I take this statement as a theological one. Adam is a symbolic or corporate identity, gathering up all of human identity in metaphorical fashion.

When the New Testament deals with Jesus as the second Adam -- as Paul says even as we all die in Adam (we're human) we are made alive in Christ (1 Cor. 15:22). Note the all in made alive!

And to Duas -- thank you for your generous treatment of my views!

J said...

Bob - if Adam is a symbolic entity, how can an intangible metaphor lie at the root of death in humanity?

If, conversely, Adam is a corporate entity, corporate entities are by definition made up of individuals: Which individual or individuals were the cause of death in humanity?

Given that you place science over the Bible in the matter of origins, what scientific evidence is there of this "death" and its introduction?


evolver said...

Strict creationism kept me from the faith for years; I could have had the happiest times of my life years sooner - I was certain belief in a 6,000 year old was a necessary aspect of Christian soteriology.

It is a great disservice some of us are doing to the seeker to simply deny what is plainly evident. Augustine was right to point out what a scandal it was to tell an unbeliever something they could quite plainly know to be false!

Greg said...

I heard Ken Ham say in an interview with NPR that the creation museum is a tool to draw people to Christ.

With that said, the museum is an evangelistic effort, based on religion and backed by an agenda to proselytize.

Some go door-to-door handing out “Chick” tracks. Some build “creation museums.”

(I wonder how Ken Ham fits those biblical “flat earth” references into his Bible-based equation? (Isaiah 11:12))

Eric Smith said...

Hi Bob - I'd like to see you post an example of where Ken Ham has 'forced' a Biblical text.

Also for the poster named 'Greg' who believes Isaiah 11:12 to be proof positive of a biblical 'flat earth' statement, maybe he could address why weathermen today speak of the sun revolving around the earth when they use the terms "sunrise" and "sunset"?

Thanks in advance,