Pentecost -- A Birthday Bash

Tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday and the church around the world will celebrate the coming of the Spirit upon the gathered followers of Jesus, giving birth to the church. My sermon for tomorrow is posted at my sermon blog Words of Welcome.

Connie Kang has a nice article on Pentecost -- interviewing a couple of Fuller professors, including one of my own, Mel Robeck. It's interesting that Mel, who is Pentecostal, points out that by and large Pentecostals don't follow the Christian calendar and so don't make any special observance of the day.

I like this comment from Eddie Gibbs, also of Fuller, as to why some others aren't really comfortable with this idea of Pentecost:

"Segments of Protestantism, particularly traditional Protestantism, are very nervous about rushing, mighty winds and flames of fire. Because fire and wind make for unstoppable combination."

Be that as it may, we need a regular outpouring of the Spirit, for just that reason!!!


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