Worst Theological Invention -- Results

Ben Meyers at Faith and Theology has announced the winners of his Worst Theological Invention poll.
It was (drum roll) a tie between biblical inerrancy and Christendom, the latter of which snuck past rapture to take a tie!

The worst theological invention: results Well, after 579 votes, it’s time to announce the winner of “the worst theological invention” poll. It was a very close contest. It was looking as though biblical inerrancy would be a clear winner – but at the last moment, Christendom inched ahead to a first-place tie. So our joint winners are biblical inerrancy and Christendom, each with 18% of the votes. These winners are closely followed by the rapture and papal infallibility (17% each), and then Arianism (14%), double predestination (11%), and just war theory (5%). (In our egalitarian sub-poll, penal substitution was a clear winner, with 24% of 223 votes, followed by God as a male, with 21%.) So congratulations to our deserving winners: biblical inerrancy and the empire of Christendom!

I voted for Rapture, which apparently was popular in the US and the West Coast, from which I hail!


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