Oprah's the true Obama Girl!

If you want an endorsement, besides Tiger Woods or maybe Tom Brady (of the Patriots) there's no better choice than Oprah Winfrey. Hillary might have Spielberg, but Obama has Oprah. If she can sell books and Dr. Phil, surely she can sell Barack Obama. Yes, the true Obama Girl isn't the young lady who danced her way to fame on YouTube, it's Oprah!
News comes that she's going to start raising money for him in my own backyard. Yes, Oprah will be hosting a little shindig at her Montecito estate near my Santa Barbara home. Now I'd love to get an invite, but I doubt I've got the big bucks to make it inside. I'll have to wait my turn!


Anonymous said…
You should read this:

Obama is better than Bush and Hillary, but not good enough--not without progressive movements pushing every step of the way. We must beware of political messiahs. That's another reason for pastors not to endorse specific candidates.

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