Back to School Night -- 1 last time

Every fall for 13 years I suppose, Cheryl and I have gone off to Back to School Night at Santa Barbara High School. First it was to check out the kindergarten class back in Manhattan, Kansas -- Marlatt Elementary. Then every year we would make that pilgrimage and get a sense of what the year would be like. Since Cheryl is a teacher, she has seen this kind of event from both sides of the podium.

Now Brett is off to his senior year and we make our last pilgrimage of this sort. We'll meet teachers -- actually he only has 2 new teachers, the rest he's had before. We'll get the run down about the semester, and begin looking forward to that big day when he walks the plank (I mean across the platform).

It's hard to believe we've come to this point, but it does happen. A senior year is often a turning point in young person's life. They gain a certain confidence from having reached this stage of life. Freshmen look up to them. They walk with a certain swagger. They wear special garb (senior t-shirt) marking their new status. And then it's over.

So to all of you reading this who haven't started this program -- of being a parent -- enjoy it while it lasts. Treasure the moments. Support the educational enterprise -- teachers need your support. Encourage your kids every step of the way! And keep an eye on them. They won't like it -- I assure you -- but deep inside they appreciate it!!

So, as they say at Santa Barbara High -- "Once a Don, Always a Don!"


Wow, ya'll in California sure start school late. Our kids were back in school in August!

They've been in school since August, but tonight is the night we meet the teachers. In fact tomorrow evening is the Senior parents night.

But each event is a step toward the graduation of the one and only!

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