Children's Health Held Hostage

George Bush isn't shy about spending billions on an ill-advised war in Iraq, but for some reason increased funding of children's health care is unreasonable. He claims the carefully crafted compromise bill extending the S-CHIP programming-- one carrying the co-sponsorship of such liberals as Orrin Hatch and Charles Grassley -- is simply a liberal Democratic political ploy.
Years ago Ann Richards spoke of a silver spoon in GW's mouth. That silver spoon has come back to haunt him. Whether or not this will lead to increased government involvement in health care is irrelevant. If we don't increase health care funding more and more children will fall through the cracks -- many of them in the middle class. But then cowboy George wouldn't know about that. He likes to play good old boy -- cowboy, but he's the product of a wealthy aristocratic legacy.
Spending money now to provide quality health care for children just might save a whole bunch of money later on. So, let us say to George -- sign this thing. And to Congress, make sure you've got all the votes you need to tell George that he's simply out of touch with reality!!!
For more check this NY Times editorial.


If they can't override a veto, they'll pass emergency funding and keep that up while attaching the S-CHIP expansion bill to every appropriations bill they send to this White House. Meanwhile, they will blame Bush and the GOP for the failure to expand it all through '08. A veto here could sink the Republican Party for some time to come--which is why GOP governors and many GOP Reps. and Senators are furious with Bush on this one.

BTW, the actual Ann Richards quote was that "Poor George" was born "with a silver FOOT in his mouth!" Texas doesn't produce many liberals, but they are always far more colorful and fun than the usual kind--and tough, too.

Thanks for the correction on the Ann Richard's statement! It's been too long and my mind has warped since 2000.

I do think that George is going to lose on this one -- or the GOP will.
Well, last night the House passed the bill without the votes to override a veto--although the Senate had the necessary votes. Only 45 House Republicans voted with the Democrats on this one.

So, this a.m., they will pass emergency funding to keep S-CHIP from expiring and then keep sending the expansion back to the president. And the S-CHIP commercials will target vulnerable Republicans and any Dems who may have voted with them.

I'll bet the GOP national chair, the House and Senate minority leaders, all have Bush on speed dial this a.m. BEGGING him not to veto this.
Mike L. said…
If we promise to outsource the services provided under S-CHIP to a subsidiary of Halliburton then I bet it would pass. Of course we would have to explain later why a doctor visit for a child will cost $5,000.

We need to keep our government focused on its most important goal which we all know is to make Dick Cheney's stock options go up another 400%.

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