GOP No Shows

I'll write more tomorrow -- both here and at Faithfully Liberal about tonights -- All American Presidential Forum -- hosted by Tavis Smiley. This was a debate that lacked four important candidates -- the top 4. The candidates were asked to speak to why they were there and offer any response to those who chose not to attend. Some said they were embarrassed by the lack of the front runners. Sam Brownback invited African Americans to register GOP and vote for one of those present.

I watched about 50 minutes of the debate to get a sense of things. I'm not a Republican and won't be voting in the GOP primary, so these aren't my candidates. That being said, it's good to see what the other side has to say, even if this is the second tier.

So, Tom Tancredo spoke about immigration, Ron Paul about liberty (get rid of taxes and drug laws -- sort of ), and then there was Alan Keyes (I didn't know he was running).

Of the candidates on the stage and really in the GOP primary, even though I disagree with him on numerous issues, I like Mike Huckabee. He's got himself under control. Answers the questions. Is polite. Seems to understand at least some of the issues. I'm surprised he hasn't made gains. I'm equally surprised that Religious Conservatives haven't joined his bandwagon. You'd think they'd like a SBC preacher, southern governor, who is "pro-life" and opposes gay rights.

But back to the original issue here -- it should be an embarrassment to the Republican Party that the leading candidates chose to not be there. Supposedly they claimed this would be a hostile crowd. From what I could see this was largely African American, but the reception wasn't just polite but seemingly Republican.

We'll see how this all works out!


Mike L. said…
I think the reason that Huckabee can't gain ground with the religious right is because they know deep down that anyone who is sincere about their faith in Jesus may accidentally open up the new testament at some point and decide to show compassion to something other than their pocket books.

As far as the no shows... I don't think it matters. I can't imagine a single minority in the whole nation will be voting for any republicans. Nothing they say at this point could help.

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