Visit of Iranian President to US

I'm not a fan of the Iranian President -- Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- In fact I think he's kind of a nutcase. But he has taken on an air of populism and defiance to American pretensions of power that has caught the eye and ear of many around the world. It's no surprise that he's not being warmly received in the United States, his message is a vitriolic one.
Some say he shouldn't be allowed to speak at forums such as the one at Columbia University. The question is why? What do we have to fear from him. Let him speak, let's hear his rhetoric. If we judge it inappropriate or incendiary, then so be it. If all he brings are words, then there's nothing to fear. To try to silence him only gives him power.
The key is to ask why he has reached the ears of so many, even of those who are not natural allies of Iran? Consider this from the LA Times.
I've posted on this at Faithfully Liberal.


Well, if I were on the Columbia admin. I would have refused to host anyone who sponsored a Holocaust Denial Conference as Ahmadinejad did. But I think he should have been permitted to lay a wreath at Ground Zero. Iranians and Iranian-Americans died there that day, too.
As the former Israeli PM, Yitzak Rabin said, we don't make peace with people we like. We make peace with our enemies.

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