Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gay Presbyterian Pastors?

There are Gay Presbyterian pastors, just like there are gay Methodists, Catholics, Disciples, and Baptists. In many cases it's not allowable to reveal oneself, but I guarantee you that they're there. Indeed, there are likely gays among the pastors of Pentecostal and Bible churches, but they stay in the closet.
The news is that the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly, meeting in San Jose, California, has voted to allow the ordination of gays. But this is only the first step, now a majority of regional Presbyteries must agree -- which might not be possible (yet). As the LA Times article quotes a delegate -- this is increasingly a generational issue. If it's generational, then it's only a matter of time. The Presbyterians will lose churches, but likely not that many.

But, again, it's a matter of time.


John Shuck said...

Hey Bob,

Thanks for blogging about us Presbys. I think the idea of generational difference is important. But I also know that even grown ups change their minds. This GA took a major step forward in rending 30 years of official discrimination as having "no further force or effect."

Many of us are not waiting for our children to change what we should be changing today.

Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Quakers were first. Then the UCC. Then my small denomination, the Alliance of Baptists. It looked like the Episcopalians would be next, but they stopped right after ordaining one bishop--in trouble with global Anglicans. Now, it looks like the PCUSA will be next. Funny, I keep thinking you Disciples are more liberal than Presbyterians or Methodists or American Baptists, but you seem further away from actions like this.

If this keeps up, GLBT folks will no longer be able to be used as "wedge issues" in electoral politics, thank God! They can be treated as PEOPLE. Amazing concept.

Pastor Bob Cornwall said...

First to John -- glad to help! Hope this works.

Michael -- ordination in the Disciples happens regionally -- so some regions do and some don't. The general church is kind of staying out of it -- though the leadership is supportive.

Josiah F. said...

The first vote from a Presbytery is in.
At the 111th stated meeting of Palo Duro Presbytery. The amendment altering the ordination standards failed by a 29 for, 47 against vote. The bulk of the Presbyteries across the country will be voting on this in February.

Even though it was in Texas, the make-up of the voting body in this Presbytery is very mixed and the majority are moderates (with just a few far left and right). Because of this make-up of the voting body, this issue had a real shot.

(this is a very quick version of a very long spiel)
For me it is not about the question of homosexuality, its about leadership. As Christians in order to grow etc, we must run the race (to use that allegory). That includes freeing ourselves from the bondage of sin. Now it is clearly stated that homosexuality is a sexual sin. I question the leadership of anyone who twists a sin into a “blessing from God”. Strait or Gay, that person should not be ordained into leadership. On the flip side of that coin, ANYONE who is truly battling sin, there isn’t any question about their qualifications on this front, and they should be ordained.

Jon Bassinger-Flores said...

A semi-closeted Presbyterian minister friend forwarded me this blog post. Very interesting. I actually didn't realize GA had voted to overturn the horrible, sinful, hateful, fearful, despicable, divisive, back-asswards ban on ordaining folks who happen to affirm and accept their God-given non-heterosexual sexual orientation.

Maybe one day I'll get past the pain I felt as I came out of the closet during my Presbyterian days at McCormick Theological Seminary. Maybe not. I first dropped out of the ordination process, then left the PC(USA), then Christianity all together.

Wow, that was kinda cathartic. Thanks for the platform for some late night venting! Now it's off to bed with my husband! Cheers

Suzette said...
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Suzette said...
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