Packing Time

If you happen to stop by on occasion, you may have noticed that I've not been posting much these last two days. Well there is a reason, I've been engrossed in packing up the house for the big move. We've been here in Santa Barbara ten years. They call this paradise, so leaving paradise seems odd. But if we believe that God calls us to ministry, then this move, that on the face of it seems strange, is most appropriate. What lies ahead remains unknown, at least to some degree. I know that there will be challenges. My challenge is to learn to listen closely to the various voices that are in the church.

We leave Monday, so as I'm able I'll give some commentary. Of course I'll try to stay up on the news.

And the news isn't getting any less interesting. The Presbyterian General Assembly has voted to ordain gays, Barack and Hillary got together in Unity, NH, while John McCain seems to be tracking further and further to the right. But, I'm not as able to keep up as usual!


Meanwhile, my pacifism is being attacked from both the right and the left--the left thinking that I am not pure enough because of my support for Obama. I am being accused of being "in the tank" for Obama, even though I have criticized his recent statements on gun control and the Supreme Court, on the death penalty for child rapists, and other "moves to the center" which seem to throw his progressive base under the bus.

So much fun. What do such purists want me to do? Vote for McCain? Not vote? Vote for a 3rd Party and help throw the election to McCain?

I hope your move to Michigan goes well. Get registered in Michigan if you can--otherwise quickly secure an absentee ballot.
I must say that although I believe we must speak from our values, politics requires at least a degree of pragmatism. If one is a purist one will never find a candidate to support. It's funny that Obama is considered the most liberal member of the senate, and yet the left thinks he's too conservative!

As for the issue of pacifism -- it's unlikely that a pacifist will run or be elected President, so a pacifist must decide which candidate best if not perfectly reflects his/her values!

I'll be registering in Michigan -- get Obama those necessary electoral votes (3 in this family) .
Hey, Bob! For fun, go to . It is an electoral college calculator based on current polling in states, voting histories, etc. It clearly shows Obama ahead. And, if you go to the 2008 election simulation, it runs simulations. (I.E., if McCain has a 55-45 lead over Obama in Nevada, it shows McCain winning NV 55% of the time.)

I ran the simulations about 20 times. McCain only won twice. Most of the time, Obama won with over 300 electoral votes. This is a real confidence builder for November--if things stay as they are now.

I'm glag you are voting MI. It only polls for Obama about half the time in the simulation, whereas CA always goes blue. Now, if only I could move to a swing state in time to make a difference. :_)

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