Faith in the Public Square and Political Season Sale at Energion Direct

My book Faith in the Public Square is now on sale direct from the publisher.   In this book I attempt to speak to the way in which people of faith enter the public square, and, as one reviewer suggests, not be a jerk about it.  It's a book about faith, politics, social justice, religious pluralism, respect, and more.  

Melissa Rogers, Director of the Center for Religion and Public Affairs at Wake Forest University Divinity School had this to say about the book:

In this illuminating book, Bob Cornwall demonstrates the kind of thoughtfulness that should be the model for Christian engagement in American public life.  Cormwall tackles a wide variety of topics, always intelligently but also accessibly, with evident conviction but also with humilty and generosity.  All Americans who care about matters of faith should read this book, and we Christians owe Cornwall a debt of gratitude for representing us so well.  (From the book jacket).

So, my publisher -- Energion Publications -- has put four books with political implications from his list on sale for a special price.  Since we face important questions of politics with faith implications, it's good to have some grist for the mill!  Of these books, besides my own, I've only read Allan Bevere's The Politics of Witness.  While we have points of disagreement, it's a good read and a useful counterbalance to much of the political rhetoric on the political extremes.  While I'm comfortable with engaging the political arena from a partisan position, Allan is much more cautious.  For a review, check here.  

So, with Independence Day at our door, make it a priority to check out this great sale.  From now until the November elections, you can pick up a copy of my book direct from the publisher for the low price of $11.00, as well as copies of the other books at a reduced price.  

And, if you're in driving distance of Troy, I'll be making a presentation on the topic with a book signing on August 29th (Wednesday evening) at Central Woodward Christian Church.  The time is 7:00 PM.  


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