A Post Communion Prayer -- Baptism of Jesus Sunday

As I begin the new year with a series of sermons that will reflect on my sabbatical experiences, I will be writing some of the worship materials.  For this week I have written a brief post-communion prayer.  It ties into my sermon on "continuity of vision," as well as the remembrance of Jesus' baptism.  I offer this to any who would find it useful.  The prayer is to be shared in unison.


Blessed Creator, we have come to your Table, having been washed in the cleansing waters of a baptism we share with Jesus, a baptism that binds us to his life, his death, and his resurrection.   We have come in remembrance of him who continues to live in our midst, and so we go forth with grateful hearts, knowing that we stand in a long line of communities and persons who have tasted the blessings of your grace.  Amen.  
Written by Robert Cornwall

Picture is of the altar of St. Mary the Virgin Church in Oxford, England.


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