Table of Freedom -- Post Communion Prayer for February 2, 2014

Yours is the Table of Freedom.   It is a Table where all are welcome no matter their station in life, Jew or Greek, slave or free, male and female, for in Christ we are made one.  We give thanks to you for making this table of blessing available to us, so that as we taken up the bread and the cup, we receive into our lives signs of new life and salvation.  As we have gathered at this table, we have shared in fellowship with the one who sets the captives free.  We come to give thanks at this Table for you have set us free from the bonds of sin and death.  And having been set free, we have been reconciled to you and to one another.  As we leave this table, may we share the blessings we have received here with our neighbors near and far.     Amen.  

Written by Robert D. Cornwall

Picture -- Altar of  St. Giles Church, Oxford 


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