Rekindling the First Love -- A Post-Communion Prayer

I am in the midst of a seven week sermon series entitled "Reclaiming a Founding Vision."  During this series, which is not lectionary based, I am writing the post-communion prayers.  The text for this coming Sunday's sermon is Revelation 2:1-7, which speaks of the Ephesian church losing its first love.  As we reset our compass, may we find that our first love for God might be rekindled and restored.  If this prayer speaks to you and fits your own service, you are free to use it.


Prayer after Communion for  January 19, 2014

                 We have come to the Table at Jesus’ invitation.  Sometimes we come out of duty, not expecting to meet the one who is risen.  But, as we take these signs of life and salvation, we experience the presence of your Spirit.  As we meet Jesus in bread and cup, may we find that this first love that we experienced when we first met Jesus, a love that may have begun to fade in the midst of life’s challenges, be rekindled.  And, with this first love rekindled, a love that draws us to you, may we be assured that our hearts have been nourished so that we might love one another as you have loved us.  Therefore we receive the gift of the Table with grateful hearts.  Amen
 Written by Robert D. Cornwall


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