Evolution Weekend 2014: Worshiping with Charles Darwin

2014 is the 9th annual observance of Evolution Weekend.  It is an annual expression of the Clergy Letter Project, an effort launched a decade ago by Dr. Michael Zimmerman as a way of signalling to the world that there are many religious leaders who believe that religion and science are not enemies or in such conflict that one cannot believe in God and recognize that evolution is the reigning explanation for the existence of life on earth.  
I was an early signatory to the Christian version of that letter.  I have tried, each year to find a way of observing Charles Darwin's birthday on the Sunday closest to that date -- not because he is somehow a Christian saint, but because it serves as a signal to the community that we are not afraid to engage the best science and to learn from it.  I also see this as an opportunity to affirm the premise that one need not leave behind one's mind when entering church.
Over the course of the past decade I have found ways of addressing the questions raised by this dialogue and I've gathered them together in my recently published book: Worshiping with Charles Darwin: Sermons and Essays Touching on Matters of Faith and Science (Energion Publications, 2013).   I would, of course, invite you to peruse the book and consider its message in observance of Evolution Weekend 
Below is a snippet from the Evolution Weekend 2014 Announcement.  

This year marks the ninth annual Evolution Weekend. While all participating congregations will address the relationship between religion and science, many will focus their attention on the theme selected for this year: Different Ways of Knowing / Asking Different Questions.  
7 - 9 February 2014 -- Evolution Weekend 
Evolution Weekend is an opportunity for serious discussion and reflection on the relationship between religion and science. An ongoing goal has been to elevate the quality of the discussion on this critical topic, and to show that religion and science are not adversaries. Rather, they look at the natural world from quite different perspectives and ask, and answer, different questions. 
Religious people from many diverse faith traditions and locations around the world understand that evolution is quite simply sound science; and for them, it does not in any way threaten, demean, or diminish their faith in God. In fact, for many, the wonders of science often enhance and deepen their awe and gratitude towards God.  (Click here to continue reading). 

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