Live Long and Prosper -- Leonard Nimoy (d. 2-27-15)

I didn't encounter Star Trek until it had finished its original run in the 1960s. I was around, but I expect we didn't get the channel.  But in the years since my first encounter,  I have probably watched every episode of every series, and every movie, multiple times.   Few fictional characters have made as much an impression on me or just about anyone else as Mr. Spock.  His Vulcan salute, his eybrow movements, and his embrace of logic, have all caught our attention.  While he at first sought to distance himself from the character, ultimately he embraced one of the great characters of TV and film.  I for one am deeply appreciative of that decision.

As many may have heard by now, Leonard Nimoy, known best to us as Mr. Spock, passed away today at the age of 83.  He will be missed, but to quote Mr. Spock, he will "live long and prosper" in our thoughts and memories. He will continue to remind us of the value of science and learning and reason, even if we need the balance of Dr. McCoy.  Together those two characters offered a sort of yin/yang expression of humanity.  McCoy was a man of science, but he was also a man of deep emotion.  The two were always in debate, much to the amusement of Captain Kirk.  

Yes, we must stop to mourn one who has accompanied us through life.  May his family and his friends find peace.  May we continue to engage him in our lives as well.


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