Marriage In Interesting Times -- Another Endorsement

My latest book, Marriage in Interesting Times: A Participatory Study Guide (Energion, 2016) is now available in paperback from the publisher or at Amazon (among other outlets). 

This is a Bible study guide that invites readers and participants in study groups to rethink the way in which we understand what the Bible might have to say about marriage. This is important at this moment in time because marriage is another period of evolution. With last summer's  Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage across the country, greater attention is being given to the question of what marriage will look like in the coming years. Churches are finding it necessary to hard questions. Denominations are struggling to stay together as a result. 

So, what does the Bible have to say about marriage that speak to our current realities?  That is the premise of this study guide. As far as I know it's the only study guide of its kind, in that I approach the biblical stories from the perspective of one who has come to believe that the what we read about marriage can apply equally to straight and gay couples who seek to live together in covenant marriage. With that said I'd like share this word about the book from the Rev. Dr. Mark Johnston, the Executive Director of GLAD (Gay Lesbian Affirming Disciples Alliance).  That he has embraced the book is a true blessing for me. It says that I'm on the right track.
How many times have you been told what the Bible says about marriage? Isn’t it time you took a look for yourself? Marriage in Interesting Times by Robert Cornwall is just the place to start. Rev. Cornwall covers all the bases related to marriage and family: How does marriage fit into our lives and our culture? What is marriage for? And singleness? What about marriage and sex and children? And divorce? Have you thought about marriage and eternity? Rev. Cornwall provides a thoughtful and thought provoking essay on each of the ten scriptures he has selected for this study guide. And perhaps more important, this guide provides provocative questions for reflection on each scripture alongside a call to action on each scripture, encouraging us to learn more and live out the biblical message. This book is an excellent resource for personal and group reflection on the Bible’s message on marriage in our interesting times.
Rev. Mark C. Johnston, Ph.D., Executive Director
Open and Affirming Ministry Program
Gay Lesbian and Affirming Disciples Alliance


Steve Kindle said…
I agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Johnston. You have provided an accessible and thought provoking work that couples and small groups will greatly benefit from. Pastors will surely find it helpful in premarital counseling settings. Congratulations on anther fine book!

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