Behold the Love, the Grace of God (Barton W. Stone)

It is Good Friday. I will participate in a community service focused on the Seven Last Words. My word will appear later today. With Good Friday in mind, I recently took notice of a hymn that has been present in my denominational hymnal that was written by Disciples ancestor Barton W. Stone that speaks to the suffering and death of Christ. It's not that I've not seen it, I just didn't take note of it. Regarding the message of the hymn, I should note that Stone did not embrace the traditional penal substitutionary understanding of the atonement. I invite you to ponder it as part of your Good Friday experience. 

Behold the love, the grace of God,
displayed in Jesus' precious blood;
my soul's on fire, it yearns to prove
the fullness of redeeming love.

The cross I view---O wondrous love!
My sins expire, my fears remove;
my native enmity is slain
I'm reconciled---I'm born again.

Our God is love---O, leap, my soul!
Let warm hosannas gently roll!
Love gave a son to save our race,
and Jesus died through sov'reign grace!

What love has done,
sing earth around!
Angels prolong the eternal sound!
Lo, Jesus bleeding on the tree!
There, there, the love of God I see!

The hymn appears in Chalice Hymnal, (Chalice Press, 1995), #205.
Recommended tune is Hamburg (LM)


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