Debating Thoughts

I must confess I didn't catch the Debate. I expect that this will be true of most Californians. I was out doing hospital visitations and eating dinner. Most Californians were probably on the road heading home for work. I guess I could watch a replay, but the big season opening episode of Lost is on tonight.

I've caught up with a couple of accountings of the debate. I enjoy the headlines. Yahoo says "Obama, Clinton trade Barbs." The NY Times puts it differently: One on One, Democrats Set Aim at G.O.P. Then there's the LA Times: Clinton Seeks to Upstage Obama in Hollywood Debate. CNN's Headline: "Clinton, Obama Debate with Less Fingerpointing."

So, from my headline spotting, it seems that this was a generally congenial debate, though it got "testy" at times. It doesn't seem like anyone made any big gaffs. So, we move on. I still think that by the end of Tuesday things will likely end in a draw. So, this thing is far from over.


Mike L. said…
The spin room mostly got it right. I was impressed with the level of detail. The fact is there isn't much difference on policy. The real difference is the ability to get beyond divisive politics and unite the country. I don't think hillary can win the general election. I do think Obama can inspire more independents to get on board with his views.

When the debate dove into the details of health care, I realized how much I missed Denise Kucinich. He was the only one that wasn't proposing a health care plan focused on making the insurance and drug companies rich. These two stayed on message, so you didn't miss much.

My concern about Hillary is this. The Religious Right hates the Clintons. They're not excited about McCain, but there's one thing that gets them rabid and that's the Clintons. I think she can win in November, but I think Obama is better able to do it because he doesn't inspire the other side to rally the troops for battle.
How about a Clinton/Obama ticket?
This debate could lead the way for a dream team that would win big this November!
I think it can happen.
Now that would be a change!!
Believe me, we need some changes!!!
I am,

George Vreeland Hill

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