I'm Taking My Country Back

Here's another Obama song -- for the Country Music lovers out there. I prefer Jazz and classic rock, but hey this is a diverse country.

So listen to the Honky Tonkers for Truth sing songs of support for Barack Obama.

Thanks to Michael Westmoreland-White.


I like JAZZ (but not fusion), classic rock, folk, bluegrass, and SOME country--more the Waylon & Willie style than "Honky Tonk." But, living in KY, and knowing that C & W often has a rightwing political cast, I LOVED the juxtaposition of "Honky Tonkers for Truth" (which released this anti-Bush song, "I'm Taking My Country Back") with this obviously pro-Obama video. I love irony and I love seeing stereotypes broken.
Angry Patriot said…
I love this song! I am NOT an Obama supporter, but I am NOT a McCain supporter either. I am part of the slightled Ron Paul supporters (He told us this economic disaster was coming and most wouldn't listen.) We ARE going to take our country back, but it won't be any easier if Obam or McCain gets elected. We need good men in the White House Senate and House of Reps. Vote Constitution party. Vote Chuck Baldwin 08!

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