Obama Wins South Carolina

Taking 57% of the vote in South Carolina it would seem that Barack Obama won in a run away. Far back ran Hillary with 29% and Edwards with that 13% that he seems to be drawing everywhere he goes. The headlines will tell us that he won a racially charged election. But while Obama did take around 80% of the Black vote, he couldn't have taken 57% of the vote if he didn't have significant white votes as well.

We must be careful that we don't allow this to be about race and gender. No matter who wins the nomination or in November, that person must be the President of all Americans -- not just whites, blacks, Latinos, men, women, young or old. The Rovian message is divide and conquer. It may win elections, but it's not good for the nation.

So, I say to the press, the pundits, and to the Clinton camp especially -- watch what you say about this win.

So today, I'm thankful that my guy won. And I'm a white male in California!
Update: 6:50 PST
I just checked things again, and here's an up to date count with about 99% of precincts in:
Barack Obama -- 288,402 --- 55%
Hillary Clinton -- 138, 486 --27%
John Edwards --- 92,285 -- 18%


Mike L. said…
Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!
Brian said…
Dick Morris thinks this means Hillary will get the nomination.

I came here by way of the CTRVHM website! ;)
Yes, we can! Si, se puede! Obama won more than twice as many votes as Hillary, more votes than all Dems who voted in the '04 SC primary, and more votes than McCain and Huckabee got together last week at the SC GOP primary! He just turned this red state purple! He got the same out of white males as Clinton, though she won on white females. (The majority of white males went to Edwards, so if he drops out, that could help Obama.) He got far more white votes than he was expected to get and won all but 3 small counties--one for Clinton and 2 for Edwards. That is a win that is WAY too big to marginalize and should give him plenty of momentum. His campaigned raised over $500,000 in new money (most in small checks) in the first HOUR after the victory speech!

The Clintons are so worried they are trying to cheat: they want to get the delegates in Michigan and Florida to count, now! Get everyone to email the DNC and phone Howard Dean and make the Clintons play fair!

And, please, contact everyone you know in Super Tuesday states for Obama--especially white women and Latino/as!

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