Tradition! Tradition!!

What should we make of tradition? What value does it have? Should we celebrate or forget the past?

Tradition, as Tevye sang in Fiddler in the Roof tells us where we belong -- so that there might be harmony . . . except . . .


Then consider Jason Byassee's thoughts here about Tevye's message!

Oh, and don't you love this song. One of the great all time musical scorers! Turn it up, enjoy, and pray a blessing on the Tsar -- that God will keep him far, far away!


Anonymous said…
Could you imagine raising a child with no mention of history?
We could try it, but these experiments are illegal for a good reason.

The reason is, without it, we would be too shaky to develop.

This song appears to parody traditional (till now) social roles.
But I find it so delightful and comforting, and so does my modern wife.

David Mc
Anonymous said…
I know I've been a pest to some here lately, but consider...

I'm a 0-25 year devout Christian turned 25+ years’ devout atheist (and professional exploratory research scientist/chemist). Now testing the waters claimed to be travelled by Jesus Christ “perhaps” for the last time.

I’ve always been totally into the nature of nature and feel as close as I ever have or will to this creation/ accident. It Does NOT matter to me personally WHAT IT IS! I Love it, and YOU all the more either way.

This is as close to truth as I need to be. I'm not minimizing Jesus. But, what (love) came first for me? This is where I stumble.
I cannot remember it as of now.

Show me your best face. I’m convinced I’ve been a good world citizen without your faith for the last 25+ years. But I'm also convinced your faith is true (perhaps) and I love being with a real (and traditional) community of faith again. I need to be honest about this. Not easy for you?.. Perhaps no problem? Not easy for me if you can imagine?

Anyway. 20+ years ago, I'll admit, there were conscious decisions made only as a result of my faith that Jesus Christ/ God totally understands and forgives. Ironic?

We'll see how it goes.

Hey, no pressure. OK?

Anyway, Now I’m going to bait John with my predictable stream of consciousness burps and mention:'s_razor

This led to.

Which may be initially giving offensive?

I’m kidding. Actually, it came to mind due to the sure footed fiddler.

God, I love Thursday. My personal evening of respite.

This reminds me of another item. Save Sunday! This traditional day of family, rest, reflection and praise for creation. At least around these parts.
God or no God..

David Mc
Anonymous said…
I want to mention.

I'm fifth of ten. Yes originally Irish Catholic. Then me Episcopalian a bit, athiest and scientist (they're good!) Whatever.

I've been "with" a community of faith for, I guess, the last 5 months? Besides (in spite of) my parents, there are sure mumblings in my family... "What is with the normally most rational of us"?. What is with the talk of this creator/ savior? Blasphemy?, ethanol (maybe the wine)? It is legal.

It's cuz of his silly wife? who happens to be taking care of our parents every extra minute she has lately? And keeps bringing this shit up? Thanks MB. I love you.

Now the trick of showing up to service his week without cracking a true grin.

David Mc
Anonymous said…
Sorry I swore. See what $3 worth of wine will do to me?

David Mc
Anonymous said…
I'm about 2/3 of the wauy through seminary, and I no longer know what to believe. I do not hold scripture up as the final arbiter of truth, although I believe truth can be found there. I believe scriptue is our best attempt to understand our relationship to the holy. Sometimes we get it right, and it is beautiful. Often times we get it terribly wrong, and then it can be hurtful and destructive.

I also believe Christianity has done more damage to the cause of Jesus than anything else throughout history.

I don't bel;ieve Jesus came to start a new religion, nor did he come to demand homage to himself. Jesus lived as an example of how to live in obedience to God, and in relationship with each other. We have corrupted it, and turned it into something it was never meant to be.

Could someone be a Muslim, Budhist, hindu, Jew, and still follow the "Way of Christ?" I'm starting to think so.
Anonymous said…
2/3 done? Say, you sound pretty wise to me. Stick it out.

David Mc
To Anonymous -- not David or Chuck -- who is working through seminary, let me suggest checking out Diana Butler Bass's People's History of Christianity. I think you'll find something there that will offer a different perspective. I'm not reviewing it here, because I have review coming out in a journal, but let me say that it's a good and helpful read!
Anonymous said…

I have acvtually been meaning to read People's History of Christianity, just not much time for extra curricular reading right now. I'm hoping to get to it after this semester ends.


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