Carol Howard Merritt at Central Woodward Christian Church

Perry Gresham
Lecture and Clergy Day

November 7-9, 2014

Rev. Carol Howard Merritt
Pastor and Author  

Offered in partnership by
Central Woodward Christian Church and Christian Theological Seminary

·         November 7 (10 am to 3 pm) – There is a Balm – healing from religious wounds
o   For Pastors and Church Leaders -- $50 (Includes lunch and CEUs)

We know the “nones” are the fastest growing religious group in the United States. We hear people tell us that we are spiritual but not religious. We talk with men and women who don’t like organized religion. We read startling accounts of abuse and how people have been wounded by religion. Yet, as church leaders, are we equipped to minister with people who have been hurt by the church? Do we have the tools and spiritual disciplines we need?
 During this workshop, we will talk about some of the trauma that church has caused, in our lives and in the lives of our parishioners. Then, we will explore the healing that it can provide. 

·         November 8 (10 am - 2 pm) – Weaving the carpet – Creating an intergenerational Congregation
o   General Lecture -- $15 (Includes lunch)

One of the most important things that we do in our churches is provide a rare space for different generations to learn from one another. We are called to teach the faith from generation to generation. Like carpet weavers, our nimble fingers work to bring different groups together to create something beautiful.
 In our time together, we will talk about the how churches are effectively navigating generational shifts. We will explore how generational dynamics, technological advancements, and evolving communication that have changed our culture and how they affect our ministries, and imagine how we can faithfully respond. 

·         November 9 (10:30 AM) – Rev. Carol Howard Merritt, Preaching

Central Woodward Christian Church
3955 W. Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI 48085

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