Christian Action Package -- Energion Book Special

Christian Action Package

My publisher, Energion Publications, has put together a special package of my three most recent books.  There are ebook editions at normal prices.  Check it out!

For a link to the site to purchase the books --  click here.

Christian Action Package
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Save $11.98 on this package of three important books!
Dr. Robert D. Cornwall is a pastor who is fully connected to the 21st century world. While he believes that our ultimate allegiance belongs to God, he also believes that same allegiance will lead us to change the world in which we now live. He is not intimidated by the discoveries of science or modern social trends. Instead he reaches out both to help and, through dialogue, to learn. He is a person of faith committed to the common good.
He has provided some resources to help you work more effectively for the common good under the guidance and with the power of God's Holy Spirit.
Faith in the Public Square calls on Christians to make their presence felt in the political realm. In this book Bob looks at various issues from a Christian perspective, always asking how we can influence the world for the better. What are the Christian principles that apply to our political decisions? (Suggested Retail: $16.99.)
Worshiping with Charles Darwin celebrates modern science, including the often controversial theory of evolution. While some Christians fear this theory and try to keep their children from learning about it in public school, Bob Cornwall makes it a part of worship in the church. Learn how this embrace can benefit both the church and the community. (Suggested Retail: $9.99.)
What guides and empowers the church as it strives to be a positive influence in the public sphere, as well as within its own walls?Unfettered Spirit: Spiritual Gifts for the New Great Awakening is not just another catalog of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It asks us what these gifts mean for our theology, our ministry, and all our actions. (Suggested Retail: $14.99.)
The combined total price for these books is $41.97, but you can get all three together for just $29.99.


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