Arrogance Dismantled (Sara Gaston Barton)

Arrogance. That is a "quality" that is present in many, but not a quality to be nurtured in the Christian life. Instead, we are called to humility and love. That is the message delivered by my friend my friend Sara Gaston Barton,  

Sara is the chaplain at Pepperdine University, and previously taught at Rochester College here in Michigan. She has graced the pulpit of my congregation over the years that I've been here in Michigan. Sara is a gifted preacher and bible teacher, who has been wonderfully received by my congregation. Her sense of call to preach however, has has required great perseverance and commitment on her part, because the faith tradition that she calls home has traditionally barred women from the pulpit. She has shared her story in her book A Woman Called: Piecing Together the Ministry Puzzle, which mentions Central Woodward as a congregation that gave her the freedom to simply be herself in the pulpit.

So, when I had the opportunity to watch a video of her sermon at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures, which is a powerful message that draws from the book of James, I decided I needed to share it with my readers. It's about thirty-six minutes in length, and in this sermon she calls us to let go of the idol of arrogance and embrace the call to love our neighbors. May the word of God be heard from this dynamic messenger, who brings humility and grace and power to the pulpit,


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