Ending the Teaching of Contempt against the Church's Sexual Minorities (David Gushee)

The church is wrestling with many issues, few as challenging as its response to LGBT persons -- sexual minorities.  That includes the congregation I serve. In response to this we have invited Dr. David Gushee, one of the nation's preeminent Christian ethicists and a person deeply connected to the evangelical tradition, to speak with our congregation and the community at large. In preparation for his visit (and as part of our congregation's reading of David's book Changing Our Mind).  

As part of this preparation I want to share this video of an important address on the part of David Gushee to the meeting of the Reformation Project earlier this year, in which he addressed the problem of the "teaching of contempt." The key component of this address is the analogy David makes to how the church treated Jewish persons, and the similarities with how the church has treated sexual minorities. 

Having watched this video presentation, if it touches your heart and mind, I invite you to join us at Central Woodward Christian Church in Troy, Michigan for David's presentations at the Perry Gresham Lectures on October 2-4. You can find the brochure with registration form here at the Michigan Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) website.


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