Blog Readers West of the Mississippi?

I've been rather serious in my postings lately -- nothing too light.  I would have posted something quite joyous on Monday evening had the Ducks been able to pull that game out.  Oh, they should have won!  But, alas they didn't and we'll have to wait for next year.

So, this morning I want to reflect on blog readership statistics.  That seems light enough, doesn't it? 

Here's what I've been pondering from some time -- why so few visits to this blog from folks living west of the Mississippi River?  Is there a digital divide that separates the two halves of the nation?  Are they still laying cable over the prairies and the plains?  Are the Rockies too high of mountains to surmount with blog waves? 

I ask these questions because every time I check the map on my "sitereader" the eastern half of the country is covered, but further west it's as barren as the western plains of Kansas.  Yes, there are a few readers well out to the west in California and Oregon, but I get just about as many readers in Europe as in California, and I've lived a hardy portion of my life in California and Oregon! 

So, why is this?  Why is it that the map gets covered east of the Mississippi and not so much to the west?  Is it the religious nature of the topics?  Is this proof that Westerners are secularists with little time for religious talk?  Or could it be that there is a digital divide that runs along the Mississippi River? 

Enquiring minds want to know, so what do you think?!


RevKerryK said…
hmmm, I'm not sure, maybe people out west are more tech. overloaded?
David said…
Burn some bridges? Kidding.
Brian said…
I'm about 215 miles west of the Mississippi.
Robert Cornwall said…
Now, I didn't say it was totallly barren, just seems like it! Maybe I should have moved the boundary west to the Missouri/Kansas Border -- and David, it was that way before I moved East!!

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