Prayers for Gabrielle

As many know, a gunman shot and critically wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Congresswoman from Tucson, AZ, as she hosted a "meet the constituents" event at a local Safeway.  To this point, the Congresswoman, who by every account is committed to the good of our nation and has sought to stay above the angry rhetoric that has taken hold in the land, is doing as well as one could hope.  Doctors are "cautiously optimistic" about her recovery.  So, we keep her and her family in our prayers.

We also must pray for the families of the six people who died in this attack,among whom are numbered one of the Congresswoman's aides, a Federal judge, and a nine-year old girl who had gone to the event to see democracy in action.  Besides those who died, apparently twelve others were wounded.  In time we'll learn more about the "motive" of the shooter, but for now we must pray for those who have been caught up in this horrendous act of evil.

Besides those most intimately involved in this attack, we must pray for the people of Tucson and Arizona.  I was in conversation with a high school friend who lives in Tucson, and she said the people there are in shock.  We need to pray for our nation that the level of violent rhetoric that has skyrocketed of late will be put aside, so that we can become one nation again.  I realize there has never been true unity, but we must work to bring an end to violence in our nation, so that others like Gabrielle need not fear to do his or her job of governance.

Let us, then, keep our hearts and minds focused on lifting up those who grieve and those who hope for recovery and restoration of life.


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