The Barack Obama Story

Check it out -- a new video piece from Barack Obama.


Mike L. said…
What happened to the guy that burst on the scene with passion and a message of hope? Did he only have one speech in him? He came off as weak in the debates where he should have been a clear winner.

I hope he finds some audacity because I don't think Hilary can win in the general election.

I think you're right about Hillary. About 50% of the people have already decided against her, some just because she's the wife of Bill Clinton and they're tired of the dynasties. Others of course because she's a woman.

As for Barack. I think that debates with 8 people in them are not his forte. I think Hillary is much better at the sound bite answer than he is.

If it was just the big three debating I think you'd see a different Obama. But you are right, he's playing it safer these days and I hope he breaks out of the pack soon or Hillary has it and that doesn't bode well. I really don't want to see Fred Thompson as president!

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