Theological Proclamations Meme

Being that I’m a preacher and I like any preacher love to beg, borrow, and steal an idea or two, I’m jumping on the bandwagon to move from theological confessions to theological proclamations. Proclamations are by their very nature bolder and yet worthy of challenge. So here go my nine proclamations.
1. I proclaim that love maybe an overused and fuzzy theological concept, but it is the glue that holds Christian faith together. The problem is not that we talk too much about love, but that we have yet to try it!

2. I proclaim that James is right – faith without works is dead. The problem isn’t with James, it’s with our equation of action with moralism and legalism.

3. I proclaim that Dietrich Bonhoeffer may be misused and overused, but you have to attend to his own proclamation: “When Christ calls a man (or a woman), he bids him (her) come and die.” It’s not an idea taken lightly, but it is the point, isn’t it?

4. I proclaim that equality in church and society is at the heart of the gospel. Therefore, to forbid women from taking their proper place of leadership in church and society stands contrary to the gospel (Gal. 3:28).

5. I proclaim that Eucharist is the center of Christian worship. It alone symbolizes the call to live together as the body of Christ. When we come to the Table we become Christ to the world and are compelled to become one – if we take this seriously.

6. I proclaim that faith is political – that is, if you follow Jesus you will be compelled to enter the public realm. But, if you follow Jesus you will not become captive to the powers that be.

7. I proclaim that Jurgen Moltmann is the man!

8. I proclaim that Marcus Borg is right – the heart of Christianity is transformation. “At the heart of Christianity is the way of the heart – a path that transforms us at the deepest level of our being.” (Heart of Christianity, p. 225).

9. Finally, I proclaim that jazz is the language of faith! (Although Neil Young has to fit in there some place!)


    Anonymous said…
    Nice ones. I don't know if I want to play another such game right now, but I like your entry, Bob.
    ::aaron g:: said…
    Regarding #2, William or Saint?
    Robert Cornwall said…
    That would be St. James!

    Thanks for the clarification.

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