Monday, June 18, 2007

Can Homosexuality Be Cured? Growing Doubts

The question has long been -- is homosexuality a choice or is it something some people simply are? And if there is a biological component, what does that mean? Especially if you're a Christian?
There are a number of Christian "ex-gay" organizations, such as Exodus International. What has been interesting to watch is the number of leaders of these organization who are unable to stay "straight." Now it's being reported that Exodus International's director, Alan Chambers, is disavowing the idea of being an "ex-gay." The idea that one can be cured is becoming untenable -- at best one can learn to control/manage one's desires, but the idea that they go away is problematic -- in large part because there is a growing understanding of the biological basis.
This doesn't mean we're near a break through that will change the debate, but things are changing. And, hopefully we will come to that point where this isn't any longer a matter of debate!
Take a look at this interesting LA Times article by clicking here.


Jonathan said...

Scientists won't find a gay gene, because there is no biological gene in existence.

It is physically impossible to pass down such a gene through homosexuality. That's painfully obvious. There is, through the means of pro creation, no explanation for such a gene, or any way for it to be passed down from one person to another.

Pastor Bob Cornwall said...


I didn't say it was a contagion passed on through pro-creation -- but that it is a genetic trait that is passed on. As you may or may not know such traits can jump generations.

That both my brother and my cousin are gay is interesting. Both are the second child of a brother and sister.

It's kind of like being left handed. My wife and my son are left handed and my mother thinks she was but back in the day they made lefties become righties. So is that a cure or simply a retraining?

Is being left handed a good analogy ? I think it may be!

Virginia said...

Something else Jonathan misses here is that something can be genetic without being passed down from generation to generation. Genetic mutations happen all the time, and the pre and post natal environment can influence gene expression. Also, genes are not the only biological influences on our lives. I think getting caught up in genetics with this question makes us look pretty silly, as if we are saying that all biology is genes and all that is who we are is biology. Many of us, as Christians, believe in a soul and a God-given purpose. Why would something have to be genetic - or even just biological - to be an important, unchosen, unchanging, valuable aspect of ourselves?