News Press Union Certified!

For a little local news -- I do that once in a while:
It's a year in the making, but the NLRB has overturned the objections of the Santa Barbara News Press. The union is recognized and the News Press must negotiate with it. Now, it's likely they'll not do so in good faith -- it's interesting that the judge in the case pointed out the lack of truthfulness in the testimonies given by Travis Armstrong (the editorial page editor who rules the news -- making this nothing more than a gossip rag) and the associate editor Scott Steepleton. It's telling that the NP can't hire an editor.
The story is told in full by the Santa Maria Times -- and as I hear it, nothing is said in the News Press, which continues to live in denial of reality.
While this is going on, there is another hearing in Santa Barbara that deals with the issues faced by those who were unfairly fired for their union activities. Although the NP has its supporters, it's no longer a paper worthy of this community.


roy said…
amen Bob
I want to welcome all of you who are coming from Craig Smith's blog. I hope you'll stop and peruse the blog's offerings.

If the News Press is the wave of the future for newspapers then blogs like this will have to be the alternative.

Thanks to Craig for his attentiveness to this cause!!

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